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 Are you in need of Pet Care, daycare, boarding/walks/mid-day checks/grooming/transport, training, or more?


Fur to fins, big or small, we love them all! 


SHAW’S Paws Pet Care offers 16 different caregivers and homes based on your pet’s individual needs; 

From one-on-one to groups of fun. 


We also offer discounts for first-time guests, and a free trial period to check us out! 


We offer basic grooming, daycare (with daily enrichment activities), walks, training, checks, transport, and more!


Our activity-based daycares include inside/outside temperature-controlled fun, pools, .25, .50, or a full acre of yard access.


Daily enrichment activities built in. We work on basic manners, leash/door control sit/stay and play with us. 



Only 3 new guests at one time. In one of our homes or yours care. 


Voted “Best Of” in Pet by Fort Worth Magazine 


SHAW’S Paws Pet Care


Free Trial

No Hidden Charges

Discounts for First-Time Guests 

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