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Professional and experienced caregivers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours. No dog too big or too small, we love them all!


We match and or beat most other alike facilities with our same services and qualifications.

Minimum 20 minutes 

Starting at $25 per visit

doggy basketball.jpg
Doggie Day Care and Play

One dog, once a week $25

Two dogs, once a week $48

One dog, twice a week $20/day

Two dogs, twice a week $38/day

One dog, 3x or more a week $18/day

Two dogs, 3x or more a week $33/day

Temperature-Controlled Areas

Outside, the dogs enjoy our industrial fans, two pools, and plenty of cold water to drink.


Additionally, the dogs have access to a doggie door which leads into a temperature-controlled room, complete with a smart air conditioning unit set at 64 degrees, music, more fans, and lights turned down low.

doggy cool down.jpg

 Composure, Obedience, & Basic Manner Training

   In relationship with

Whitt Brooks of WBK9 


One on one:

  • Single Sessions: $50 per hour

  • 3 sessions package $142.50 

  • 6 sessions package $285


In your home training:

  • Single Session: $140

  • 3 sessions package $389

  • 6 sessions package $790


 Group Training: 

Friday Nights: 6:45p-7:45p

One hour long & limited to 5 dogs.

  • Single Class: $45

  • 3 Classes: $142.50

  • 6 Classes: $270


Each group attendee will receive a 5 minute phone consult to discuss desired outcome, goals, expectations. 


Board and Train: 

30 days

$2,000 -includes 2 sessions of tune ups in our group format a ($135 value) 


Other training offered:

add 20% to above pricing 

  • Protection Training

  • ⁃Reactive/Aggression Rehab 

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